Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Salt Creek
This is a really fun break because of the fact that it is a very constant break over a small amount of reef. Salt creek is also very fun because of how heavy the barrel is. Another great thing about the break is the park above which is great for slack lining, hamocking, and picnics. The only problem with this beach is that it costs money by the hour to park at the top of the hill. The walk is solved by a tram that usually goes from the parking lot to the beach. Also, the money problem can be solved by parking at strands and walking down.
Trestles is commonly know as the best surf break in Southern California. My personal favorite break out of the five breaks is lowers because of the A-frame shape of the wave. I also enjoy this break because it is very constant and when waves hit this break the size of the waves usually increase in size about one to two feet. I also enjoy the breaks middles, churches, and cottons because of their versatility for surfing with different board lengths. The only downsides of these breaks are that some of the locals are very volatile when you surf there and it is a long walk to the beach from any spot to park. One last thing that is great about this break is that there are many competitions that you can watch during the year. In conclusion this is a great surf break because of the great consistency of the way and size of the wave.
To learn more about competitions visit http://www.worldsurfleague.com/

San Onofre
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This local beach is made up many breaks, some of the notable breaks are the Point, Dog Patch, and trails 1-6. These breaks are mostly made up of long and not very steep waves. These waves are perfect for beginners and those who are wanting a chill time. Another great part of this break is the local fauna, across the beach there are little patches of bamboo wherein which are fire pits where families can meet and have fun together. The only drawback of this beach is the cost of entry to park at the beach. Overall the beach is a good fit for families and new surfers.